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Healthy Eating (11th - 24th Jun) |What should be in my lunch box?

Lunch time is the best time to put a break to your work and take time out from the day’s stress. Many of us settle in for fast-food or for something quick and easy to make it through the work day. But one way to make most of your meal is by making healthy choices that can boost your energy levels and in the long term, it can reduce your risk of chronic diseases.

So what are the choices that you can plan for your lunch-box?

It is always a better option to prepare your own lunch package packed with healthy and nutritious meal instead of relying on the food that is offered by nearest sandwich bar, petrol station, corner -shop or fast-food outlet.

Try to include something from each of these categories:

  • Carbohydrates – wholegrain bread, pita, or tortilla, cold cooked pasta, brown rice, or couscous, baked potato, or cold potato salad.
  • Lean protein – low fat cheese and ham, turkey, chicken, or beef, tuna and sweet-corn, egg and onion, chickpea and chicken salad, mixed bean salad.
  • Fresh vegetables – include raw veggies, such as tomatoes, carrots, or broccoli, fresh green salad a flask of homemade noodles, pasta, lentil or bean soup; or leftover cooked veggies from the night before.
  • Snacks - fresh or dried fruit, raw vegetables, nuts, or seeds.
  • Dairy - natural yoghurt, fromage frais, or a small piece of cheddar cheese.

Avoid the following in your lunch-box:

  • Pizzas are not recommended for lunch since they neither provides you with the energy that you need nor are they healthy in any way.
  • Colas, tea and coffee contain caffeine in some form and cause acidity and heartburn which can slow down your productivity.
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