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Health and Fitness (25th Jun - 8th Jul) | 60 active minute tips for kids

Kids don’t need to get their 60 active minutes all in one go – they can clock them up bit by bit across the day.

It doesn’t matter how your kids get their 60 active minutes a day - in fact variety is good. Different activities are good for different aspects of their health. Here are a few ideas for fun ways to get your kids to move more:

  • Play-It’s what kids do best. Running around, having fun with their friends, and burning off energy is a great way of getting some (or all) of their 60 active minutes each day.
  • Walk-We tend to rely on cars and buses to ferry the kids around these days (particularly for short hops) when we could be using our feet. Think about walking together, rather than jumping in the car or on the bus. If the journey is too far, you could always stop a bit earlier, and put your best foot forward for the rest of the journey – and hey you can even save money by walking too.
  • Dance- It doesn’t have to be at a dance class – you can dance to the radio, or in front of the TV - all you need is a great tune and you and your kids can have fun dancing anywhere.
  • Swim- Whether it’s lengths of the pool, or having a good splash about, kids love having fun in the water. When was the last time you took them to the pool?
  • Bike- Cycling is a great alternative to the car or bus, and can be much more convenient too – no waiting around, no traffic jams or parking problems, and no parking charges either. You don’t even need to have somewhere to get to, just getting the kids out for a bike ride is a great fun activity. Just make sure they are careful and wear a helmet.

And it doesn’t end there…

Activity doesn’t have to cost anything. It needn’t mean joining a gym or sports club (although that’s great if that’s what your children like). Going outside is free and fun is the best gym. So remember - any kind of activity counts towards your children’s 60 active minutes.

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