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Mobiles, texts and email have all made catching up with friends and family easier. It's made us a bit lazy too. So try using your feet instead of your phone, or computer, or just shouting. Go and speak to your friends and family - they'll appreciate the effort and just getting up and about burns calories.

Feet are amazing, they hold up your whole body weight. Here are some ways to encourage your kids and you to use them more.

Choose a way to let your feet do the talking:

  • Off the bus - Walk to the next bus stop on from the one you usually get on at.
  • By the lift - Take the stairs instead of the lift.
  • On the Phone - Walk to a friends house instead of chatting on the phone or online - or arrange to meet them in the park. It'll save money too.
  • In your area - When it's local - walk. Whether it's grabbing some milk, picking up the kids, or something you get delivered locally - pick it up instead.
  • To school - Walk to school if its nearby.
  • After dinner - Get up and go for a walk before or after dinner, instead of vegging out.

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